Friday, January 22, 2010

Kerfluffling Zen Rats

Yellow Dog Democrat loose leaf tea in the New York skyline mug, "The Bell" by Sons & Daughters on iTunes. It's 9:20 on Friday evening and I ensconce cozily on the couch with Ernie the Monstrocat to post (Ernie's not posting tonight--he had a big day lounging). It's been three days since I last posted and I am all kerfluffled (kerfluffled, adj., from transitive verb kerfluffle; to discombobulate or throw out of whack). A quick side note: I would love to know where that word originated. I have long used it and finally got around to googling it tonight to find out how others use/spell it. Apparently January is the month to be kerfluffled or kerfuffered as it already showed up in two other blogs earlier this month. There are also several political articles/comments/blogs that use the word--including an AP story quoting W... now doesn't that reference just pee in my bean curds? But I digress... (what can I say? I'm kerfluffled!) (And a last digression--doesn't google make it easy to lose yourself down a rat hole and become kerfluffled? How many hours have YOU lost chasing down some obscure factoid or word?)

The week had two speeds: slooooow and ws (that's warp speed to you, but it passed so fast I didn't have time to type it all out). On Tuesday I had glimmers of getting both caught up AND organized (GTD to the max)... then I drove back to Atlanta on Wednesday--no post (can't post and drive doncha know), and Thursday and today were screaming rollercoaster days that I just (barely) managed to live through--with no posting till now.

Tonight I breathe again, and I try to recapture some of the Zen calm (thanks to Wikipedia I didn't descend too far into the maelstrom of the rat hole on that one) and focus from Tuesday. I am both exhilarated and terrified by the prospect of a to do list "with projects with details and dates and notes". Tahmi got me all excited about the Trog bar (who wouldn't go for Total Relaxed Organization?) but it's Windows only. Thank heavens Geri came along with Things for the Mac (which has projects with details and dates and notes). So I downloaded it (free trial), and installed it. Now shall we take bets as to whether getting everything I have to do written down so I can see it in one place makes me feel better or sends me off the deep end?

Tomorrow is Lori's Grand Opening of her Glass Inspirations KGRC, Todd, Brian and I will be there for support. Tomorrow night is my Ichiyo chapter annual dinner and I have donated a roll-up nageire vase to the silent auction. Need to get a pic up of it before it goes. Tomorrow my mother goes home--she stayed to Do Dallas with me--and our house will be occupied again by only the three original humans, two dogs, a cat, a rabbit and a hamster.

Time to meditate. (Detox starts next Friday--play the video.)


Bill said...

Dogs haven't eaten the hamster YET???

Tahmi said...

Bummer! I forgot you were on a Mac. But I'm glad you found a Mac-friendly tool. Good luck with your implementation! You definitely need it. :)

Geri Omohundro said...

Check out Maru on youtube..... it's a wonder cat that Ernie'll enjoy watching! I was going to post a link, but there's so many amazing ones that it's more fun to explore... have fun Ernie!

Dee said...

i LOVE the things sw!!!!! i'll be buying it when the trial is up!

as for the bet, no, i'm not betting on anything! ;) i've learned how your best intentions go upside down periodically ;P

bill, dave probably wishes they had but i haven't even seen the hamster when i've been at the house, only the rabbit ;P