Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Things Come

Yesterday afternoon at 4:30 a woman with an herb store came in and bought two wall pieces, two stand pieces, and two bowls so I made my expenses for the show. Whew! Just goes to show that it's never really over till it's over (good call, Geri). Today, the last day of the show, is really, really, REALLY slow. The parking lot was so empty we parked at the edge of the lot and walked over to the show--and we didn't get here till an hour and a half after the show opene(almost 10:00 am). Further proof that there is no one here is that there was no one (really, not one single person) in the Starbucks line ahead of us. Guess that means there wasn't a line.

Getting a lot done this morning. Got electricity for the Buyer's Market ordered from Hargrove--tomorrow is the deadline and they FINALLY redid their online ordering system so you don't have to have Internet Explorer as your browser. Their new site is clean, fast and excellent. The only trick to using it is that you have to click on the word "Select" to the left of the show name for the show for which you are ordering. (Never end a sentence with a preposition is one of those rules I struggle to break every day. Today I lost the struggle.) Now I just need to get Todd and John's plane tickets (and co-ordinate with Dee on the times so they can all share a cab). I'll be driving. *sigh*

And speaking of getting things done (GTD for those in the know), Geri commented on the Geekgasms post that she was looking for a good to-do list app so I went on a Google hunt this morning just to see what I could see and ended up here. The blog has the Zen word in the title (which always pulls me in--my life could use a bit more Zen and a bit less Stuff) and I just kept opening links. I discovered GTD, and like the kid in the candy store I found a page with the following links:

  1. 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It
  2. 20 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting Out in Life
  3. Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life
  4. The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living
  5. A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home
  6. 10 Tasty, Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas
  7. 50 Ways to Be Romantic on the Cheap
  8. 30 Things to Do to Keep From Getting Bored Out of Your Skull at Work
  9. Get Off Your Butt: 16 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump
  10. Top 42 Exercise Hacks
  11. Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity
  12. Simple Living Simplified: 10 Things You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life
  13. Top 20 Motivation Hacks – An Overview

Oh the scrumptious heaven of the perfect How Tos! As I sit in my late 40's, the promises of lose weight, flatten my tummy, firm my thighs, remove my crow's fee, fill in my tiny lines and wrinkles, look younger, and have healthy, shiny hair just don't cut it anymore. But simplify, minimalist, productivity, GTD... those words sing my siren song. Add the idea of stream-of-consciousness (i.e., seat-of-the-pants) to organization and I just couldn't be happier. nothing is more seductive than the lure of an empty in-box, a clean desk-top, and no unfiled papers. 2010 might be a good time to re-do the way I do to-do lists!


Tahmi said...

GTD really is fabulous. I read the book a few years ago and did a very half-a$$ed implementation. Last year I spent so much time on the road doing shows that I knew I'd need a better system to keep things from falling between the cracks, and implemented a new one during my "down time" in Dec.

I'd recommend going over to http://www.priacta.com/. They have a tool called TROG bar that implements the GTD system very well and integrates with outlook, blackberries, ithings, etc. And the great thing is that after you pick your software/hardware package combination, they send you a comprehensive 21 chapter set up guide. They walk you through the entire GTD set-up process (even cleaning out your office - eek!) and then you get 21 days of automated email followups that check your progress and reinforce what you learned through mini reminder lessons. You get all this (software, lessons, support) for about $60! (and no, I am not a RONCO spokesperson - LOL!)

I'm on day 19 of the reminder lessons and this time I was not only able to make the full implementation, but I'm truly amazed at how much I've been getting done!

I'll try to stop by and see you at BMAC (I'll put it on the to do list - LOL!)Hopefully that show won't be as torturous as the Dallas show!

Janet said...

FYI - There's a good to-do app for the iphone, syncs with ical etc. Syncing is my siren song.

Did I remember to thank you for coordinating pedicures etc? It was on my to-do list :)

Dee said...

tahmi, i'm gonna go check out your recommendation but the day i go to brenda's and there's a clean desk top in both studio and home office along with not unfiled papers AND she's not overbooked on shows/projects/classes/firings i'll truly be amazed ;)

Bill said...


The thought of getting things done gives me hives.

Geri Omohundro said...

Oooh ooh Miss Thang, I knew you'd be a great geek guide! I had actually run across iGTD in my search but it said "discontinued" so I went on to something else.

This time I went back and found Things which is a super program... have about 11 projects with details and dates and notes and am a happy camper... 15 day free trial makes me want more. It's $49.95 but I've never felt so on top of things so will have to break my piggy bank and get it.

I actually downloaded an older version of GTD but it gave me error messages, the gtd fella is with Thing designing for them now.

I'm sure all the great lists you came up with are worthy of checking out as well, thanks Brenda!