Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I sit and mentally debate the wisdom and effort of the concept of coffee. Meh. Too much. I'll wait till Dave gets home Fridy night and can make it for me again. I contemplate turning on the Apple tv and listening to 93XRT, Radio Chicago (as I did all day yesterday), but, again, too much effort. I languish. But not for long.

Today sees a glass delivery from Bullseye, finalization of travel arrangements for the Dallas Market show next week, a few orders fused, fleshing out of plans started yesterday for the February Buyer's Market so I can be ready for my meeting with Bill and Elaine in Commerce on Monday, preparations for a visit from Laurie Dickson of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston this Sunday, the mortgage refinanced... yeah, I'm slowing down alright. *sigh*

It's 21 degrees in Atlanta right now but I no longer feel the cold. I'm wearing a heavy cotton mid-length-sleeved shirt, two sweaters and fleece slippers (I have pants on too, but they're nothing out of the ordinary). A nap sounds really good, but it's time to head to the studio (where two sweaters are a necccessity) and get to work. Yeah. I'll crank up the iPod, dance around a bit, make a cup of chai latte with the tassimo machine, and all will be right with my world again.


Bill said...

21 degrees Celsius?

Anonymous said...

Is Todd going back to Dallas with you? That's when I started reading your blog, last year, and fell in love with Todd. ""I think I broke Todd." You make me laugh so loud.

Love you all,
Nancy Goodenough