Friday, September 19, 2008


Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, but should'a been in Austin, "Bayou Tortous" by James McMurtry on iTunes. Wednesday night--the night before my lost day yesterday--Dave and I drove to Athens (GA) and saw him live (first time for me). The crowd was sparse and with no effort I was front and just to the right of the mic stand. Bliss. What a great concert. I can't believe I didn't hang at the Continental Club every Wednesday night at midnight to see him play when I lived in Austin. And I can't believe he isn't firmly entrenched on the top of the list of the hottest singer/songwriters in America. His voice, his writing, his music... magic. Now back to glass.

After two nights of little sleep I was exhausted, but yesterday saw me on the road to Commerce at 7:00 am to meet Bill and get a load of metal work. Back in the studio I fired a full load with the penultimate yellow frit #02--have to hold on the rest of the pieces that need it till next week--including the sidelights I'm doing for GPQ. Unfortunately, though I have a little left, the rest of the pieces I have scheduled need more than I have. Ended the day with a bit more data modeling/database implementation (Filemaker Pro arrived Wednesday and I know just enough to be dangerous). Today I'm rested, I'm slumping a load, and I'm going to look into an on-line class/tutorial for Filemaker. I could just read the book I got (Filemaker Pro the Missing Manual), but that would be too easy.


Bill said...

It's not just what you know that makes you dangerous, dear...

Oh, and I'm playing Cars by Gary Newman and Tubeway Army...

Dee said...

well you got me hooked on mcmurtry, i do enjoy his music!

nothing like running low on needed materials and no place to get any quickly!

lol bill, she can be very dangerous, do you want to piss off an amazon with pointy things that can be used to skewer you in her hair? :P

so how dangerous have you gotten with filemaker? and why would you rtfm? hehehhehe