Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday and Sidelights!

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "Come on Home" by the Indigo Girls on iTunes. I sense a theme. Sidelights are in, article is on its way to being written. Japanfest and its attendant ikebana responsibilities are over for another year. Oy, I am sore and tired. The middle-of-the-night anxiety attacks have GOT to stop. Being caught up on my production schedule with no more unusual projects ahead of me will help.

Quite unintentionally, the sidelights make me think of Marc Chagall and his bright, lovely colorwork. It's good to have some of my own work in my own space. Now if I could just get the backsplash done for the kitchen... Soon.

This week is all about production. Several orders are due to ship and a few more came in last week. Once I get the current batch done I'll have a break till the middle of October--and none too soon. I still haven't finished organizing the multi-artist show we're having in the studio in November and it'll be October in just a couple of days! And the Filemaker Pro ERP system I started writing a few weeks ago has languished as I worked on the sidelights and orders.

It's almost 9:00. Time to start the work part of the day. Glad I don't have a commute as there is still very little gas in Atlanta.


Bill said...

What, no beans? No cheese? You must be kidding...

Anonymous said...

Sidelights are great. Lets people know what you do. Great job.

Mindy and Stacy said...

SOOOOOO pretty!!!!

Dee said...


hmmmm we are gonna have a new front door and storm door put in this fall, i may need to talk to arno about having one sidelight made - front door area won't allow for the pair - WUNDEBAR!!!!!!!