Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday in a Handbasket

Two small bottles of San Pellegrino (tender tummy this am--can't throw anymore coffee at it), someone singing la-la-la-la-la-la then yee-oh-ee-oh-ee-oh in the background... It's another Kavarna Day! Yesterday went stunningly well--except for the whole firing thing. UPS managed to destroy another of my shipments to Hoypoloi--that makes two in a row, two in a week--which ate up a good part of my afternoon, and the rest was spent shipping, placing glass and packing supply orders, and taking orders.

I could have fired yesterday in spite of the fullness of the afternoon, but I discovered that I only have about a pound of medium yellow frit left. Yikes! I just got a big glass order a week or so ago. I am blowing through glass at unprecedented speed. Got another order in to Bullseye--just in time to beat their across-the-board 10% price increase. While I was at it, I also placed the beginnings of an order for mid-October that includes 90 more sheets of clear irid. The frit is scheduled to ship today so I ought to have it by mid-week next week.

Today I finish up my data modeling for the ERP system-just in time for Filemaker Pro to arrive this afternoon so I can begin the implementation. Yesterday I did the design for the order process. Today I need to put the finishing touches on it and then figure out the client data model. If I have time, I might begin layout for a materials management module--but that's definitely a phase II component. I want to have some system up and running asap that will keep to a minimum the number of pieces I go to ship and find I didn't fire, or for which I didn't order the metal--or orders that I forgot to schedule at all.

The first horizontal lattice piece--a double-wide too--is done and shipping to California today. It's just shy of four feet wide and two feet high. Can't wait to take it to Philly in February!


Bill said...

Since your primary materials are going up 10%, will you be raising your prices to compensate?

Brenda Griffith said...

Not till the Buyer's Market Show in February. I'll get enough at the current price rto get me through till then and I was planning to raise anyway (my freight costs have shot through the roof with everything coming from the west coast).

Dee said...

and are you moving back to dhl now that ups has destroyed yet another shipment?