Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Lost Wednesday, Did You Find It?

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug (with pumpkin pie creamer--I love fall!), no music this morning. There's no music because iTunes for Leopard requires Quicktime for Leopard which I apparently DID NOT GET as part of my OS upgrade! I hate software. I spent the entire day yesterday (over 10 hours) upgrading my laptop's operating system (what with cleaning up a back-up drive and backing everything up to be safe first).

Why now (why ever?) you might ask. Well, I am fed up with the way I currently manage my business is a series of Excel spreadsheets and Word docs. I wanted to get a real database and the one that looks best for my needs is Bento by Filemaker Pro--only available for Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). I had 10.4 (Tiger) (at least the names are better than Windows--I'd rather have "Tiger" or "Leopard" than "Windows" or "Vista"). Does this all sound way complicated? It is. And it probably won't be finished 31 minutes from now when Quicktime 7.3 finishes downloading and I install it.

My struggle yesterday is a perfect highlight of the jack-of-all-trades requirement for making a living as a sole proprietor of any business--art not excepted. Many lifetimes ago when I was in IT at Northwestern University (the last time I worked in an office with people around every day) I didn't fully appreciate the rich resources I had at my disposal... No, I am just whining. No matter where you work, or what you do, you're probably pushing the envelope which means you have to figure things out yourself. Yes, there might be someone there you can ask for help, but it's not like I don't have that kind of help from friends now (thanks JY for the pointer to SuperDuper and your IM support yesterday during my upgrade!). I'm just huffy because I spent an entire day on the computer and have barely anything to show for it (it's not like I've even *installed* Bento yet!).

Today, more computer nonsense and firing. Wish me luck!


Bill said...

Have you ever considered firing the computer?

Dee said...

well it isn't hiding here, i've lost about a week, let me know if it wanders your direction ;P