Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Rapidly cooling coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Least Complicated" by the Indigo Girls on iTunes. I am the title of this post this morning, and I need my life (and by extension, my work) to be the song title. How to get from here to there... Spent 20 minutes I can't spare updating the blog template this morning. I was still on the original version of a customized Blogger template and never moved to their new click and drag pretty edit system. I was persuaded to finally make the jump this morning with the idea of adding the Followers widget... and it's not available to me yet. Ah well. I'll keep futzing over the next few days till I get a look I like.

Shipping didn't happen yesterday. Firing was a little slump and some firepolish/re-fuse fixes. They got moved to the top of today's schedule.

Normally posting calms and centers me which is why I do it first thing in the morning. But today my anxiety level just keeps rising with every word I type and that tells me I need to do instead of write about doing. Back tomorrow in a calmer frame of mind.

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Bill said...

Do! Do!