Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Monday Tuesday... Monday

Coffee in the Denver skyline mug, "Goodnight America" on iTunes. It's 8:00 am and all is well. For all intents and purposes, it's Monday. Yes, yesterday was Labor Day which is always on a Monday, and yes, I did do two full big kiln loads so it can safely be said I labored, but today is when the week really begins. I kissed the sprout, kissed the spouse and sent them off to school and work, and the division between weekend and week, summer and fall is a sharp, clear line at the top of the steps.

I am curious to see how Bertha fired this morning after her last failure when she ran simultaneously with Bettina. I was careful yesterday to start Bettina's slump well ahead of Bertha's fuse so that they wouldn't be drawing full power at the same time (in case that was the problem). When I peeked in the studio in the late afternoon Bettina was off and Bertha was at 1450 (her full-fuse temp) so I think everything went well.

Today, the Monday that is not Monday, I have ikebana and five orders to ship. Tomorrow two more will go out, and then I begin on the ones scheduled to ship on 9/9. I have hopes and dreams to take the weekend off this week (what a radical idea!). I need a day off. But sidelights, sample sets (now there's a project I have really been dragging my feet on) and hanukiah patiently wait and I have to find time for them this week too. Better get to it...

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"And the crowd goes wild!"

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