Thursday, September 04, 2008


Coffee in the Denver Architectural skyline mug, the somewhat overwrought music chosen by Defenders of Wildlife to accompany their new Sara Palin video on iTunes for music. I would've got Howard Shore to whip something up had I been them.

I am bobulated again! (Or at least I was until I got sidetracked by that video this morning... see Stranded in the South for the details on THAT.) I managed to ship all but one scheduled order yesterday--and the only reason I couldn't do that one was I had to re-fire one of the pieces. Today I ship that order and three more, and I begin firing next week's orders. Of course I still have the sidelights to design and fire for Glass Patterns Quarterly and the Hanukiah to design (and fire) for the store at the Jewish Museum of New York, but, hey! I'm getting there!

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Bill said...

It's always nice to be very busy.