Thursday, September 25, 2008


Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "Harem in Tuscany" by Gogol Bordello on iTunes. It was a good concert, but again this week, I feel old--too much noise, too many people (where *did* those other 1198 people come from?!?), out too late, a little too much hard cider and hot sake (and isn't THAT a combo to conjure with). Blech today, and looking forward to more firing. More shipping. More orders to process. And sidelights to do the final fuse on. I say final, but due to unfortunate time constraints the final also will be the first with all the components together.

Up till now I have been working piecemeal on the sidelights--making gems, doing simultaneous design and layout (the way I work best), making more gems, cutting more raw elements, and doing more design--adding to the final work a little more every day. Today, instead of the planned tack-fuse, I am going to have to Very Carefully full fuse all the gems, cut elements, and frit together as the sidelights are scheduled to be installed on Saturday morning and they will need a long time to cool.

Better hop to it!


Bill said...

Which hard cider?

Which sake?

At home or out?

Did Dave imbibe?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Dave said...

The sake was a homebrew effort of a sushi restaurant near us. Yes, they literally brewed it in the back room. Sweet notes, slightly floral. I think the cider was Strongbow, but I honestly don't pay much attention to cider. I did imbibe, as how could anyone listening to Ukrainian gypsy punk not, but went with beer rather than cider at the show. The venue for the show, for all of its many virtues, only has a beer-and-wine license. Otherwise I usually switch to vodka-and-tonic at clubs, mostly because it's impossible for the sorts of bartenders that music venues hire to screw up a vodka-and-tonic.

Dee said...

good lord girl!!!!! SAKE und CIDER????!!!!????? what WERE you thinking - to paraphrase one of those stinkin' country/western songs darlin' daughter is partial to - UGH!!!!!!!! and HOT sake to boot!!!! there's an unfiltered cold sake that nancy g turned me onto that is good with sushi...

as for the rest of it - the older we get the less we like crowds and their noise ;P and damn if the alarm doesn't go off way too early ;P

dave, can i bet that the beer is the usual drek of bud and mich with the wine compliment consisting of gallo and maybe eco domani? ;P