Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday at Kavarna!

Dancing Goats blend in a white paper cup with a recycled brown cardboard sleeve, someone who sounds like a cross between Bob Dylan and a strangling cat warbling to thumping drums in the background... It's a Kavarna day! Or at least, it's a partial Kavarna day--this afternoon will see me fire a load in Bertha and do the next firing on the sidelights in Bettina. It's going to be a productive day. I started it early in the studio--writing up a to do list for Becky, signing the pieces that will ship today, and checking the status of yesterday's kiln loads (the gems are *perfect* this time).

Now at Kavarna I am going to flow out an ERP system for Siyeh Studio. I spent a considerable amount of time last week evaluating POS (point of sale) software and other pre-built business process management systems, and even the most expensive of them don't meet more than 50% of my needs. Time to build. I ordered a copy of FileMaker Pro for the Mac (the Bento box I bought is cute and sleek, but it's like trying to run the Indy 500 in Dave's Mini. I'll save it for home project and data management) and it will arrive tomorrow. Before I get lost in the details of making, I need to design. I don't do software the same way I do glass. In software, a detailed design is actually a Good Thing.

Sound like an ambitious day? It certainly is. I don't think I'd have the nerve to even say I planned it if I hadn't already had two big cups of coffee and a chocolate croissant--sugar and caffeine make me daring. Maybe tomorrow I'll post about my experience with UPS claims yesterday early evening--or maybe I'll just let it go and not get all riled up again. I just have to say that any business model which has the first point of contact in a claim situation automatically being "Your claim is denied because your package was not packed according to UPS guidelines" is inherently evil and wrong.


Bill said...

You DO have a contact at UPS, you know. Threaten them with a Pluhar!

Dee said...

you just HAD to let ups con you into going back to them didn't you? and how many claims did you have to file with dhl hmmmm?

ok, i'll quit with the "i told you so" theme hehehehehehe

good luck with the claims, how fast are you going back to dhl? snkr snkr

bill, i think ups claims needs more than a pluhar!

Bill said...

Have you met a Pluhar?

'Nuff said.

Dee said...

nope, never met a pluhar bill ;P feel free to educate me on what a pluhar is but given the new wed post, i still think ups needs more than that ;P