Friday, October 27, 2006

The Website Rears It's Ugly Head...

... Not that it's an ugly website--far from it. But more on that in a minute. Coffee in the New York skyline mug this am, "Everything in its Own Time" by the Indigo Girls on iTunes, 519 words written during my pedicure yesterday!!!! Yesterday was a most impressive day. I managed to order packing supplies online from ULine, get the dogs to the groomer, get a pedicure (and write 519 words--or a page and a half--of the three pages on finishing techniques), grab a sandwich to go from the pastry shop next to the nail spa, drive up to ULine and pick up my order, drive home, unload the car, put the seats back in, put in two kiln loads (one slump one bubble-fix), take J to gymnastics (and write another paragraph there), and end with picking up the dogs from the groomer. Whew!

This morning I got an inquiry from a couple in Texas building a house who are interested in a backsplash. I might also be able to interest them in a sink--who knows. And speaking of sinks... I just took the 8-inch test tile for the sink for the couple in Wisconsin out of the kiln. It is 1/2-inch thick and I think it is *stunning* (shown at top right). I may have to make a sink like this for the bathroom on the ground floor of our house in turquoise, French vanilla, amber and maybe a hint of cobalt. Though I've got to say I am really liking the way the coral/salmon opal and transparent have worked in the two pieces I have done like this so far. Got to get the molds ordered!

Today my new assistant (I still thrill to those words!) is coming over to grind the rest of the circles. I am doing the last big fuse load in the big kiln till next Tuesday (every day between now and then in slumping, slumping, slumping), I am going to do a box in the little kiln (period. no questions. just do it.), and I should do a rake for the new wavy candle sconce project for the book. I also have to make a mold for it (can you say fiber blanket, rigidizer and soup cans?) and get my Hoy's order in. And I thought yesterday was a big day. Better get to it!

P.S.--Happy Birthday Mom!


Smasty said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Bill Paley said...

Hmm. Colorful.