Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Single Digit Days Till the Manuscript is Due!

Coffee in the Atlanta mug, “Broken Moon” by Lowen and Navarro on iTunes, finished the kilnforming section of the basics and emailed it in yesterday (yea!). Today Kat joins me in the studio. We haven’t defined the parameters of the arrangement yet, but she wants to learn, she is eager to work, and I like her. So off we go! Today is a full on studio day with three fuse loads going into the kilns. I don’t know exactly what yet, but I am going to cram them to the gunwales and fire away (wheee!). Three orders to ship by 11/1, have started one of them. Book to finish by 11/1, have the Finishing and Troubleshooting sections, the Introduction, Acknowledgements and Dedication to write.

Got a call yesterday from a client in Wisconsin who bought dinnerware last year, wants to add a couple more pieces to the set, and also would like two bathroom sinks. I think I would like to do them in the same style as Scrumptious Pink but in pale green (opal and cathedral), amber, a bit of sienna, French vanilla, a hint of salmon/coral transparent and opal, and clear. Thinking about having molds made for my melts so I can really shape them. Sending off the specs to a friend today to see if he can do them.


Barbara Muth said...

Vanilla will react with Coral and Salmon Pink. It also may react with your Greens (does with some of them) Salmon also reacts with Amber.

The colors do sound like they would be pretty together.

Good progress to you on the last bits of the text.. you are in the home stretch!!!

I expect you to celebrate well the day you get that thing all sent to your editor.

Smasty said...

Hello! I received my Uncommon Goods catalog, it was fun to see you on page 16. I scanned a pic of it and posted in my blog. Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

Bill Paley said...

Nice to have work to keep you busy, isn't it?

Brenda Griffith said...

Barabara, Wish you were going to be here to celebrate too!