Monday, October 16, 2006

Sweet T-16

Coffee in the Washington DC mug, no music, nothing new written. I ended up taking Saturday completely off. I blogged, I napped, I lazed, I read to my child, I cuddled with my spouse. Some days you just need to recharge. So that left yesterday pretty full, work not going away and all. Yesterday I washed and sorted all the circles by size and stowed them. Then I cut 212 rectangles for the Pop Art platters and plates, and unpacked a case of glass from Bullseye (the rest of my order from last month). I was quite dismayed to find I made a mistake on the order and got two sheets of cobalt blue instead of two sheets of sky blue. Oops. I still have two sheets so I can do 40 more Pop Art sets with stock on hand if I have to.

Today I have Ikebana at 9:30 and then I get to finish cutting rectangles (21 to go) and wash and dry them all. Today's big kiln load is the last five platters for the Art Institute and as many opal Pop Arts as I can get in. I am tired of having to deal with the haze from the Thinfire on the opals--even venting to 1000 degrees doesn't eliminate it entirely--so I am going to fuse all the Pop Art pieces on kiln-washed mullite shelves. We'll see how this goes.

I would like to do loads in the medium and small kilns too. I *should* be redoing a project every day to get them done. For the most part the changes are small, but the pieces have to be redone entirely anyway.
  • They want the necklace in amber irid instead of teal irid.
  • The blue lace bowl (which was originally proposed as a ceiling fixture or a a lamp but done as a bowl because they wanted it smaller) is being redone as a ceiling fixture (and, of course, larger...).
  • The raked candle sconce mask is going to be a long horizontal wave piece instead of a tall half-circle--and no face (not a mask). Got to remake the fiberblanket mold for this one too so had better get on it--it takes a long time to dry.
  • The harlequin black and black irid candle trays on lava cloth are going to be coral cathedral and either clear, black or amber and black streamer in clear.
  • The paperweight will be a dragonfly instead of sea creatures and will have clear irid or dichro in it.
  • And finally, the S-curve screen melt will be an oval screen melt. I want to do as little cutting as possible on the melted piece so I am going to try to come up with a creative way of damming the glass into an oval as it melts.
And then there is the remaining writing... I still have the kilnforming, finishing and troubleshooting sections to do as well as the complete re-write of the screen melt project and the updating of the other changed projects. But today is not a writing day. Tomorrow will be for writing (and slumping). Wednesday will be for fusing, shipping and writing. Thursday I will have to drive up to ULine and get a large order of shipping supplies... and fuse. Friday, Saturday and Sunday: writing and fusing. The week looms. I will be glad when the book and the catalog (repetitive) orders are done.


Jodi said...

I think it's great that you took a day off. You certainly deserve it!

Bill Paley said...

Aren't you done with that book, yet?

Brenda Griffith said...

You one funny guy. C'mere, let me dent your head a bit.