Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Favorite Day of the Year!

No coffee, no music, the finishing section of the book mostly finished yesterday (about one more page written). I got up this morning at O Dark Thirty (that would be 5:30) not to write--even though the manuscript for my book is due at the publisher Wednesday and it is not finished--but to futz around again with my mother's airline ticket.

The saga began yesterday when she tried to change her airline ticket from Atlanta to Missoula on December 5 to December 14 and couldn't. So I took over for her since she was making the change in order to come to Chicago to help me at the One of a Kind Show. I was on the phone with various people at cheap tickets for over an hour and never did get it changed. is cheap in service as well as in name. Today I finally go to someone who told me they couldn't change it because even though I don't want to make a change to the originating flight on November 7, they can't make a change to it,a nd because they can't make a change to it, they can't make a change to the return segment either. Are you confused yet? So she had to release the ticket to the airline and let me make the change with them. Caloo Calay! I called Delta, they changed the ticket and it cost less than it would have to change through Cheap Tickets.

It wasn't the best way to start my day, but at least the time I spent on it was free because today is my favorite day of the year. Today has 25 hours! I have a whole extra hour to do whatever I want today, and never have I needed it more. I laready fired two kiln loads and did the prep on another two. I haven't done any writing yet (and it's 3:40 already), but I will get a little done before dinner just as soon as I finish this post. Which I guess is now!

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Bill Paley said...

Now, don't waste any more time dealing with relatives, just write!