Thursday, October 12, 2006

Better Late Than Never

By the time Blogger finally comes up this morning the coffee in the New York skyline mug and “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen covered by Rufus Wainwright will have slid into “Lay Me Down” by Crosby and Nash. To Get One With It I am blogging in Word to post when I Blogger is available again. I hate it when tech fails. Final morning update: THE LAST TWO PROJECTS FOR THE BOOK WERE WRITTEN LAST NIGHT. And in stunning symbiosis the last project for the book will be finished this morning (the tack fuse on the redo of the pendant project). Psych.

Yesterday was a long one. I fired five loads in three kilns. The Art Institute ordered 20 more pieces (15 of which were fused at 9:20 last night). The checkerboard and checkers are *perfect*. No devit, no hazing, just perfect. Too bad they are such a boring pain to make--they are cool and would make nice gifts (make a little box to store the checkers in…). I also got the last of the circles ground. Today I have to wash and sort all 10,000 of them. Yeee, yeee, yeee.

The main task of the day today is packing all the projects up to take to the publisher’s in North Carolina tomorrow. I have to leave at 4 am to get there by 8:30 am. Yeee, yeee, yeee. On the plus side I will be home by dinner and it is Fun Friday at the Y for J so D and I will have a quiet pizza and champagne dinner at home and watch some more Firefly (we are re-watching the whole series… it’s a comfort thing). The champagne will either be to celebrate the day or to drown my tears. Odds are even on which right now.

So what else is happening in the studio today… well, going to finally ship the order to the new gallery in PA (had a chip on the bottom I had to grind and firepolish out in one of the pieces yesterday--found it as I was signing to ship), got to cut 20 PopArt platter and plate sets to fire and hold in reserve against the PO for the catalog in NYC. The PO is for 42 sets, but there is no way I am going to make that many without a concrete order--20 is more than enough! Then the last five pieces for the Art Institute and the first of the PopArt sets go in to fuse. Then the prep for slumping tomorrow on the Art Institute pieces that come out today--Just because I have to drive for nine hours tomorrow and hang out for few hours while people evaluate my work (I’ll have my laptop and be writing) doesn’t mean I don’t have to fire a full kiln load. And last and biggest on tap for the day: going to send out the last five projects and the Work Area set-up and Safety sections of the book. Don’t Run With Scissors!

So far this morning while waiting for Blogger to be back I have broken one of the little leaves for the fountain and lost one of the silver loops for the necklace. NOT an auspicious beginning to the day. Got to find the glue and make another loop.

Ended up casting two more leaves instead of gluing. And two kiln loads are already in. Whoo hoo!


Jodi said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Bill Paley said...

I had figured that there was something fishy going on yesterday. Naughty Blogger!