Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 2 of the New Regime

Coffee in the Montreal skyline mug. I'm still moving westward across the skylines this week but I had to detour a bit (okay, okay, I'm geographically-challenged). Grace by Jeff Buckley on iTunes. Almost have the next five projects written up. Will definitely finish them this morning and get them sent in (they were due last Thursday...). I managed to follow my schedule yesterday at least in the broad brushstrokes, but things are beginning to crack at the seams. When I went to ship the order I had to go out yesterday I was missing a piece: I had accidentally sent it to another gallery last Friday. So I quickly fired it in the medium kiln, called the gallery and let them know I would be shipping today.

I didn't do a firing during the day as almost all the studio time was re-assigned to getting paint (the last large area still in the original beige paint will be painted today. Had to hire it out as it includes the wall next to the stairs and D won't let me up on scaffolding... killjoy) , making a bank deposit and picking up the mirror project and a cosmos hanging panel from Dixie Glasshoppers. But that was okay (I thought) as when I went over my firing schedule for the week it looked like I was so far ahead I had gained a day. What I needed to do was keep scrolling down. Last night at 9:45 when I was updating my schedules I saw that I wouldn't be able to ship the final big order to the Art Institute next Monday without firing today. Fortunately a slump load would do so I quickly (again) prepped and popped in a full slump load.

Yesterday I did get one housekeeping task that has been nagging at me done. I mentioned earlier that I am doing the PopArt platter and plate sets for a catalog this fall and they want all the pieces to match. So last night I counted all the circles I use for each one (eight sizes from 3/8" to 1-1/8" in six colors for six pieces...) I am putting it all in a spreadsheet this morning to make sure I have enough of each of the color/size combinations on hand. I still have to grind four of the colors and wash all eight colors from the last group of circles. Then I have to sort out all my old circles by size and put them in with the new circles. Boy do I wish I had help right now. This is the kind of project that is going to suck my time right out my ears and could be done by a trained monkey. Not that I would call my help a monkey.

Okay, 7:45. Blog time is up for the day. Got to roust a Sprout and get ready for a painter.


Bill Paley said...

Not a monkey. Maybe a primate.

Jodi said...

Don't forget to breathe...