Sunday, October 08, 2006


No coffee yet (though yesterday it was in the Austin skyline mug continuing my trek west), "Fear" by Sarah McLachlan on iTunes (following her "Into the Fire"... are they trying to tell me something?), finished the Safety and Work Area Set-up sections of the book yesterday and worked on the fountain section till a friend came over bringing our child back from a play date. It is Sunday morning. There is a full moon perched on the pecan tree out back in the indigo sky of very early morning. Nothing is stirring except me and the moth outside the window drawn by the light of the laptop screen. I feel a kinship with her. We're both beating our heads against something this morning. Sunday mornings are meant to be spent snuggling with a warm, cozy spouse, not writing into the void before writing more projects. But such is life with 24 days left until the book is due.

Firings have been a mixed bag over the past few days. One of the pieces for the new gallery cracked yesterday. I either took it out of the kiln too hot (doubtful, but maybe) or (more likely) I can't slump pieces that large in the small side-firing kiln. The mold almost touched the sides and even with the top elements adding surface heat I am just not confident that the piece fired evenly. Unfortunately the bigger kilns are all full for the next few days and I am not sure how I am going to work the new pieces in. *sigh* I'll think about it when I am more awake.

Time has passed since I started writing this post. I spent it making a new playlist and buying a bunch of music on iTunes. Now I listen to the playlist (titled "melancholy") and I write. But now the sun and the spouse are up (so where's my coffee?!?) so I am going to start REAL writing.


Bill Paley said...

Just keep on typing!

ren said...

i really want to know what is on the "melancholy" play list. i actually have one titled "just get up and go" but it only has two songs on it and i never listen to it. go figure.

Brenda Griffith said...

Ren, I put it on Stranded in the South just for you. :-) It is very... ecclectic. Just got the Cincinnati Pops stuff yesterday on iTunes.