Monday, October 23, 2006

Scrumptious Pink 2

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Angeline" by James McMurtry on iTunes, 1731 words written yesterday and I think it was some of my best. I have finally (in the home stretch) loosened up and relaxed into humorous writing. Speaking of humorous... J picked her own clothes and shoes (as usual) this morning.

Today's haut couture includes a sleeveless dress with a stiff pink organza skirt and a stretch black velvet top and bolero jacket. She teamed it with the pink cowboy boots. THIS is truly scrumptious pink! (And I LOVE Target--nothing she is wearing was even $20 and both dress and boots are very well-made.)

What does this have to do with Glass Incarnate? This is the start of my day everyday: get her up, get her through her ablutions and dressed, hand her breakfast (for the car) and put two gummy bear vitamins in her mouth. Then send her out the door with her Dad and off to work! I was tickling her this morning to get her moving (I am a mean mother--I get it from MY mother.) and when I said I loved her belly button she covered it and said, "You can love my bellybutton, but you can't touch my bellybutton." in just the intonation Janeane Garofalo used in The Truth About Cats and Dogs when she said "You can love your pets, just don't LOVE your pets...)

Today I have a potential helper-in-the-studio dropping by to meet me. She is the wife of a business associate/friend and I hope it works out. I have another gazillion circles to grind, wash and dry and I am NOT looking forward to it! I am also going to finish the kilnforming section of the book on target for pages and more or less on schedule (I had it scheduled for today, the publisher had it scheduled for last Thursday). And I need to unload the car (all the projects from the trip to the publisher are still in it) and photograph all the done projects so my new editor can see what the heck I'm talking about in the project instructions.

Kiln loads are another slump in the big and should include something in each of the other two--book project and box in a perfect world... or maybe I'll do a fuse in the big one. I have three fuses to do this week to get out the last orders from the July Buyer's Market which are scheduled to ship a week from tomorrow. And I really do need to get going on project re-dos and pieces for the upcoming glass show at Taylor Kinzel in November. Now I'm getting anxious. Blogging usually relieves anxiety. Putting everything down here lets me see that it really is manageable. But this morning it's like I was too complacent and putting it all out shows me how FRACKING BEHIND I AM. And speaking of fracking, the satellite dish went out Friday night RIGHT BEFORE Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica. The ONLY two shows we had to watch all week (the World Series has preempted House, Standoff and Bones.... Damn Fox) and nope, DENIED! Service call this morning.

So enough writing here. Off to the studio to reconnoiter and get some loads in, and then finish the kilnforming chapter.


Jodi said...

I love Target too! On my trip there for cleaning supplies (which mostly remain bagged and unopened) yesterday, I ended up with a new bag. It's a sickness. My husband laughed and told me he knew a way I could get 10 new bags for free...clean my closet! He imagines there are bags I've forgotten I have and I imagine he's right (but maybe only 4 or 5!)

You missed Battlestar? Ugh! It was so dramatic. It looks like it reruns tonight at 11pm or you can get it from iTunes.

Good luck with your work load today!

Bill Paley said...

I'll rise above telling you that you misspelled a word in your blog, because that would be petty.

Brenda Griffith said...

What word? WHAT WORD DID I MISSPELL?!? Besides leaving the "s" off "Today's"...

Jodi, J is the queen of shoes and she is just beginning with bags (purses or lady's handbags as her great-gramma used to call them)