Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scrumptious Pink

I am going to go get coffee before starting this--brb. Well that took longer than expected! I got coffee (in the Atlanta skyine mug), had breakfast with my happy family (mini donuts, yum), and put in two kiln loads. Now to finish this post and then shower and write the rest of the day.

At right is the new project for the book which will replace the previous screen melt piece. Isn't it scrummy? (Short for scrumptious, not an extra letter for crummy...) I put in little pics today because I don't have much to say and have three photos to squeeze in. At left is the detail from the same piece, which I think I will call "Scrumptious Pink".

Finally, the last pic is a shot of the load I did in the big kiln yesterday and took out this morning. This morning I took all these pieces out, reloaded others in to slump, washed half of these and did a fuse load of eight in the medium kiln. (I can see Jodi wanting to take a nap already ;-). And firing really is the littlest task of the day. Now for Cleanliness, which is next to Godliness, and quite fitting for a Sunday!

Bill posted in a comment earlier today that he was surprised I planned to write 1600 words on Thursday. It seemed quite logical to me. I have 6400 words slotted for this section. They made me do a page (and so by extension a word) count for every part of the book. So since I have 16 pages due and (at that time) had four days to complete it, I scheduled 1600 words for that day. Now I have under one day to finish that section, and 3354 words written (about 3000 left to write today). I am not scared by this number. But I AM scared: I have written about 1/3 of the materials and used over half the words. I am heading for trouble.


Bill Paley said...

Most professional authors that I've read have said that they shoot for two pages a day. Without making copious quantities of glass artwork, mind you. I guess I'm saying that you are way underestimating how long this work will take you. And you haven't even started editing yet...

Jodi said...

Off to take a nap...!