Saturday, July 22, 2006

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

Coffee is for wimps, or at least mornings. I end the day with the sound of the same gentle snores from my Mom that started yesterday (and everyday on the road). Day two of the BMAC is done and there has been much grumbling among the artists about the paucity of buyers and orders. I can't complain. While I have only taken six relatively small orders, five of them are from new galleries/stores (new accounts for me). So I have some work, but not enough to overwhelm me as I go into the home stretch on the book, and I get to add new cities and states to my Locations page on my website.

And speaking of the website, I got the spreadsheet catalog of all my products created for the ecommerce portion of my website. All I have left is producing and uploading actual images of the pieces. That will be a big task, but at least I have some of it done. I also worked on the tiny detail outline for the book. The first outline was the broad brush strokes, do-you-want-to-give-me-a-contract outline. Then after the contract was signed I did the here-are-all-the-topics outline. Now I have to do the how-many-pages-photos-illustrations-per-item outline. It almost feels like writing the book without actually writing the book. So how many pages should I have on types of glasscutters?

But now I am snoozy, and it is time to collapse into my eyelids. Tomorrow will see us packing up and checking out of the hotel, doing the show all day, packing up from it and loading the car, and then getting down the road south of DC before crashing for the night. I might even get another post in. If not, bye till Tuesday.


Bill Paley said...

Close your eyes.

Click your heels together.

Say three times: "There's no place like home!"

Jodi said...

Your set up is gorgeous!