Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Morning has (Almost) Broken

No coffee, no music, not even any lights. I love that the MacBook (the laptop) has a lighted keyboard. I never learned how to touch type so I could never write in the dark before.

Even though I worked throughout the a four-day weekend, it was still a four-day weekend and I did not get as much done as I needed/would have liked/planned. I did write the first beginner project. It is smooth, complete and concise at 435 words (target is 400-500). Now I need to whip up the intermediate project and finish the projects spreadsheet. I can't believe the spreadsheet is taking so long. No matter how much I tweak it and diddle with it, it is still not done. I also have to do two sketches of planned pieces so the publisher can get a better idea what I am proposing, and to design a complex necklace--the little fused necklace and earrings I initially proposed are too "simple". It is a beginner book, but I guess I am supposed to be taking projects no beginner would ever do on his own (either because of lack of technical knowledge or lack of design skills), and holding his hand through doing them. It feels a bit like cheating.

Finally I have my July firing schedule to write up and two kiln loads to do (one galleries and BMAC and one a project). It is now 6:00 am, better get to it!

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Bill Paley said...

Crack that whip!