Monday, July 17, 2006


No coffee, no music, but it's ok. Though I did not post over the weekend I fired three full slump loads a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday (one in Bertha and two in Bella). Today and tomorrow are light days with only one load per kiln per day scheduled. Tomorrow is also the departure day for the Buyer's Market (BMAC) so the loads going in are for a gallery order scheduled to ship the day after we get back and the next project in the book--the final pattern bars for the mirror frame. They take a long cycle so I am glad they will be cooling while I am not here.

I got all the new pieces fired for the BMAC too, all the ones I was able to schedule anyway. With 115 going out to galleries tomorrow and the day after I get back, space has been a bit tight. Luckily, Becky at Creative Spirit Gallery in Decatur does not mind (too much) when I have to come in and clean her out so that I have enough work for a show. She will get it all back this time as it is a wholesale orders show so I probably won't have any sales. I might have a piece or two fewer as occasionally another artist will ask if you "sell your samples" and I usually do. It's pretty flattering when someone else in your field likes your work enough to buy it--even wholesale.

Also over the weekend I got to meet Barbara Muth in person--a glass artist I virtually met through this blog. I hooked her up with my photographer (Bart Kasten of Bart's Art) and he is going to shoot some of her work for her. Between her work and a weekend review of an English translation of an old German glass techniques book by Bettina Eberle, I am inspired to try a new series of work of opal and cathedral glass work with precious metal paints and partial sandblast finishing. When I will get to it is another matter--unless I make it a project for the book.

Over the weekend I had a major shift in design for a couple of projects for the book. If I hadn't been so far behind on getting materials to the publisher, it would probably be a problem. But I have (still) not got the final flushed out list with full descriptions and sketches to them so I am probably ok. As soon as I get back from the BMAC my #1 priority has got to be to get all the finished projects done so I can't change my mind anymore. While I am in Philadelphia I hope to get a lot of book and web work done, though I am probably fooling myself. Even though all you do is sit around all day at the show with short adrenaline bursts as you take orders, you are still tired at night. At least we are staying at the Marriott and at most, just have to walk across the connecting bridge to our rooms. I am glad I made that splurge and used my points--one less stress point/effort.

So today I finish up, pack up and prepare to head out tomorrow morning. Got to remember to transfer my Audible audio book from the computer to the iPod. And a list, I need to make my list.

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Bill Paley said...

Yes, please, by all means, make a list!