Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All Awake

No coffee, no music, no sounds other my the deerhounds sleepy rumbles at being woken so early. They appear to be the only ones in the house actually still asleep. Dave woke before I did this morning (though he did not get up) and when I started downstairs I saw a light on in the guestroom and heard my daughter chirping happily to my mother. Having Gramma come is more of a reason to get up early than Christmas morning.

My posts are all about sleep these days. Another night when I did not get to bed till after midnight and I am still awake at 5:00 and up at 6:00. When I look back on writing this book I will remember these as the days of no sleep--I got more and better sleep after Jessie was born . I debated getting up this morning or trying to go back to sleep (the word "sleep" alone or encased in another word has appeared six times so far in this post) and ultimately decided that I will write the majority of the day today and that should earn me the reward of sleeping in tomorrow.

Kiln work is going really well. The Art Institute pieces are turning out beautifully (30 complete, another 23 fused to slump, and 22 cut and ready to fuse today and tomorrow), technically some of the best work I have done and with magnificent coloring. The production schedule is the one sacrosanct constant in my days. I don't know what I would do without Excel.

But the rest of my deliverables are... Where am I going? What is this handbasket? My webdesigner actually called to find out when I was going to get something to him yesterday. Now I am the bottleneck to completion. And there are postcards, and writing about writing documents to do. At least I got the printer up and working--and I got a great tip on running Windows on a Mac (thank you Julian!!) though I am going to leave any more sys admining till the weekend.

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Bill Paley said...

Whatever gets your through the work you need to finish is worth it.

Good luck!