Thursday, July 20, 2006

Houston, We Have Ignition

No coffee--both too hot and too late in the day for me, and no music either. It is Thursday early evening and I have been back in my room for over an hour. For the first show in four I am set-up and ready with time to spare. I will be spending that spare time making up product information packets to hand out tomorrow. A great big huge thank-you to Nancy Goodenough for bringing 6X9 black folders for me. I am downsizing on the materials I hand out. I have killed enough trees, and I am not getting a good return on them. This year the packet will just have a price list, a basic order packages list for each product line, a postcard for visuals and a business card for contact info (and the booth number, of course).

I'm sure the biggest question on everyone's lips is, did I forget anything? The answer: you bet your sweet bippy! Dave ran a box to FedEx for me this afternoon with all the samples of the Architectural Industrial glasses. Hey, I had to forget something for Bill. And the internet cable got lost along the way even though it never got used--but that doesn't really count.

Now it's time to head across the street to chili's for another dinner of Boneless Shanghai Wings and the Triple Play appetizer shared with my Mom. She'll add a Presidente margarita and I will have a glass or two of wine. Ah, perfect American bar food bliss. Tomorrow: a photo of the booth!

Tomorrow I will post a picture of the new booth layout, it is sweeeet.


Bill Paley said...

For me? Really?

How sweet.

Brenda Griffith said...

Nothing's too good for you, Bill.

Bill Paley said...

Not true. Bridget is too good for me. I'm just lucky.