Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back in the High Life OR Let's Get It Started

Coffee in the Chicago Skyline mug, no music but the appropriate songs of the moment are in the title. Finally got back from Philly last night at 6:00. Construction, accidents and torrential turned it into a 15 hour journey. It was livened at 10:00 pm in the middle of Washington D.C. (why the gps sent me through Washington rather than around it I have no idea) when I realized that although the gas gauge said the tank was half full, I had gone 428 miles on that tank... The Odyssey does not get mileage that good. Clearly when I hit the tire in the middle of the road on the drive up it messed something up. Or it was coincidence. Regardless of the cause, it was late at night and I was somewhere in Washington D.C. desperately needing gas. The gps took me off the freeway and to a gas station, but it couldn't vouch for the neighborhood and I was plenty nervous. All ended well (we did not get mugged, raped or murdered) even though we did pay $3.59 a gallon for gas in the middle of Washington D.C., and we spent the night at Quantico.

When all is said and done it was a good show. I took orders from five new clients and two current clients--with one of the currents from Florida also taking a full order for their Chicago store. Guess that means I got six new clients including my first one in the city of Chicago proper (hence the Chicago Skyline mug--I'm celebrating). That repeat order also came 20 minutes after the show closed in the midst of packing and accounted for 30% of my sales so I really ended on a high. Delivery dates are spaced out from now till November and only the last order is really big.

Now it is 8:00 am and I still have not decided how the day will play out. I will unload the van and I will enter my last order into the computer and send off the confirmation email. But will I begin to fire pieces, or deliver new and replacement work to my local galleries, or will I spend the entire day on the computer working on web pages and outline? Just thinking of making a list (it is not a coincidence that list is a four-letter word) of everything I have to do is making my head hurt. I am thrilled to be home, but I am physically exhausted. Maybe it is my exhaustion which is making me more flexible than usual, but I am going to run Dave to the train station now, and I am still in my jammies--a black velour/velvet sheath. I am not even going to switch the coffee to a go-mug--I am just going to head out with the ceramic skyline mug.

Back from the train, dressed, back from taking the J to school (couldn't pull that one off in the jammies without worrying about social workers showing up at the door), mail sorted and opened. The day is still amorphous, and I am not going to stress it. I will make the infamous task list, and I then I will get to what I get to. Gallery deliveries tomorrow, orders shipping today, that's as far as I have gotten. Maybe I will actually work on the book!

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Bill Paley said...

Such vistas open up when you aren't stuck on just one project...