Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday at Kavarna... Alone

Dancing Goats Coffee with two extra shots of espresso in a Kavarna mug, something weird for music on their sound system. Why I am at Kavarna alone while D is in Austin, you might ask. Well, superwoman ran out of coffee beans. Went to load the coffee maker last night and, whoopsy daisy, not enough beans. So I dropped J off at school and headed to a place where there are always enough beans. I figure I'll get he rest of my orders, invoices and scheduling done in a place with no distractions... except Facebook. Oy.

So far having a bookkeeper seems to mean it's that much easier to ignore the taxes and financial paperwork. I'm no closer to getting them done (sorry Vero!), but I no longer have anxiety attacks about them either. My big accomplishment yesterday was organizing everything on the To Do list into days that I hope To Do them. I managed to get most of Monday's things done, though a few did ook over into today. Yes, the word is "ook", pronounced ooh-k. It was not a typo missing letter. There is a lot of ooking in my life right now and I just thought I'd share.

Blessed quiet--the weird music has stopped and I can concentrate. Sounds like a good time to start desnarling the invoice accounting spreadsheet. SURE AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT ERP SYSTEM that the spouse is building for me in his spare time (hint, hint).


Bill said...

Who could possibly have any spare time in a new job while also experiencing SXSW?

stacyr520 said...

The title alone made me want to burst into tears.

Bill said...

Not burst into giggles?