Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, Enfin

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Walk Between the Raindrops" by James McMurtry on iTunes. The SXSW Music Festival goes on. Wonder if the spouse did see Tori Amos last night at La Zona Rosa or if he bailed. It's the first year he's worked in the mornings (new job ya know) and spent the afternoons, evenings and nights at the festival. Now me, I'm just workin'. Each day I get one or two more things crossed off the list. Some of those things have been there for *months*. If he stays in Austin long enough, I might actually get all caught up (not much else to do in the late evenings besides work and read).

Today I take another load of glass to Todd, fire, ship, and get the glass order in to Bullseye (finally!). Breaking pieces with slight flaws into chunks and firepolishing those chunks into pieces for ornaments, keychains, base pieces for wire men, and garden stakes is a lot more difficult than I had thought it would be. Were we selling them retail, it would be simple. But wholesale adds a whole new level of complication--we have to be consistent in our sizing. And I gotta tell you, it's very difficult to get consistent results from smashing large pieces of glass into shards on a concrete driveway! This week we instituted a sizing chart and sorting bins and Becky went through everything we had fired and put it all into buckets for Todd. The pre-sorting before it goes to him serves a two-fold purpose: he doesn't spend an entire day going through glass, and I have a good idea how many pieces of what sizes I have made for him so I can make sure there are enough appropriate pieces to complete our orders.

As I look at my list of things to do I find that I am most behind in money matters--and not just the reconciliation kind. I am also behind in paying and collecting. It would be nice to get a few of those done today too. And maybe I'll have some extra time for it as Jessie is being picked up from school by another mother for an afternoon/evening (dinner and a movie) playdate with one of her friends. I look forward to an evening by myself to watch a non-Sprout-friendly movie, have a nice salad for dinner and a couple of glasses of white wine--but only if I get caught up on sending and receiving (or at least rebilling for) all the money I have outstanding!


Dave Griffith said...

I did get to see Tori (and it was amazing), but bailed on any later activities.

Bill said...

Isn't Dave lucky? I'd like to see Tori Amos, myself...

I hope you get all that billing work done, forthwith!