Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Is There Any Way We Can Speed This Up?

No coffee yet, "Hands Like Rain" by James McMurtry on iTunes. Quick, quick, quick post this morning before I take J to school. No, it's not a test run, I *do* know how to do it, but I have to pick up the 7th grade auction project to I can fire it this morning so I might as well drop her off too.

The first run of the new small stand pieces will come out this morning and Dave will drive them halfway to Greenville (to Starbuck's in Commerce) to meet either Bill or Elaine with them. Had a little panic attack at 3:00 am (oh no, not them again! Second night in a row) that I had used the wrong firing schedule for the second firing on the mullite shelves. Fingers crossed they came out. (See? Even after 20+ years at this I still worry that kiln loads won't turn out!) New technique for me--making multiple organic pieces from one fused slab. I usually make all my work one piece at a time. But economic necessity has forced some changes this year to stay competitive. It won't be very economic though if I've blown the whole load.

Okay, getting ready to head out the door. The next two months (Dave officially starts his new job in Austin Monday) will be... interesting. I'm Chinese cursed.


Bill said...

Best wishes to Dave in his new duties. And good luck to your household with the male counterpart absent.

Dee said...

congrats on the new job to dave, call me when you have a few minutes ;)