Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Snow Angel Cometh

Coffee in the Denver skyline mug (and a Samoa!), "On the Table" by AC Newman of the New Pornographers (Dave is streaming Pandora radio to the Apple tv) on iTunes. It's cold again this morning (will winter never end?) we have a cocker spaniel shivering on the back deck and J's snow angel still decorating in the back yard (J doesn't make snow angels the way other kids do--she's forming the wings on the angel's back in the picture at right). It's supposed to be 76 degrees Saturday. Everything is topsy turvy now from the economy to the weather and it's really shaking up our lives.

And speaking of shaken up, the day was so upside down that at 5:15 I am just now finishing this post. *sigh*

I wrote a few days ago that it takes a village to run Siyeh Studio, and if anything shows the veracity of that statement--and provides concrete evidence that Atlanta is where I should be right now--it's what I have organized for next week. Dave starts his new job--in Austin--on Monday. I have the Hemispheres showroom to set up in Dallas also on Monday. And the Village steps in. Elaine is driving down from Greenville on Saturday to come with me to Dallas on Sunday. Todd is also coming in on Saturday because he will be taking care of Jessie till I get back on Tuesday.

Dave and I have the Waldorf auction to attend on Saturday night and Elaine and Todd are jointly babysitting for it. Though Todd is taking care of Jessie while we're gone, he doesn't drive. So Becky offered (and I ecstatically* accepted) to drive J to and from school every day. Yes, it sounds more like a circus than a village, but I am so grateful for the friends I have made here! They have just stepped in since Dave was laid off and enabled us to keep everything together without sacrificing the child to the tentacled jaguar god and without me disemboweling the spouse (or anyone else) from undiluted stress. And they did it because we are a community, friends, and that's just what friends do. Wow.

So it's now 5:30, and I got a lot accomplished today. The Waldorf auction project for the 7th graders proceeds apace (I am fusing it all together today). Orders continue to come in post Buyer's Market (the buyers I did not see but have been meaning to call have been calling me, how great is that?). Dave has taken a hand-off of all the database description and use case data for the ERP system--another thing off my plate. (Is that the first time you've heard the phrase "use case"? It's certainly the first time I've used it, but now that I'm working with a high-class software developer, I have to learn the lingo.) Tonight I finish entering and scheduling orders. Tomorrow I put the final touches on the props for the Hemispheres showroom and start making the dvd slideshow of all my work that I am going to leave playing there on continuous loop. Oh yes, and I will make V happy by getting to the *final* bookkeeping items that she has assigned me. Happy Thursday all. It's Manhattan time.

*Dave provided the word 'ecstatically' as I needed a substitute for 'gratefully'--too much grateful in too short a space. Then he buffed his nails on his t-shirt and said, "That's Mr. Thesaurus Boy to you."


Bill said...

He's not "Mr. Cabana Boy" to you?

Jodi said... is often open in a tab when I'm writing something.