Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Siyeh Does Dallas

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, the silence of the morning for music. J is off to school--I survived my first morning of single parenthood. Dave is in Austin for the next two months with weekends home starting in three weeks (I will be counting the minutes as soon as I can figure out how many there are). I am back from setting up the showroom in Dallas and exhausted. But the day--and the week--marches on. There are taxes to file, orders to prepare and ship, schedules to update, finances to wrangle--in short, all the little things that make up a business. Oh yes, and now there's dinner to figure out, school transportation to wedge in, and a child to raise

Yesterday morning at 7:30 in Dallas I started the following post:

"I sit on the Hemisphere showroom and enter my post into a text edit window as I have not had Internet access in *36 hours*. The reason I am sitting and typing instead of drinking coffee and driving back to Atlanta is that I am waiting for my image slideshow to finish burning to dvd. Last night technology and exhaustion (and frustration at the lack of Internet due to hotel equipment problems) kept me from finishing it. Now I chomp at the bit to get On The Road!!! (Elaine is just as anxious as I am to get home, but she's far too polite to chomp.)

Set-up of the permanent showroom in the Hemisphere Design Gallery went extremely well. Thanks to Todd's and Elaine's creativity and general artsy-farstsiness, the space is filled with delightful, accessible eye-candy. There are cans of spilled paint (glass) scattered on the white table cloths (which pose as drop cloths), little wire men waving frit-covered paintbrushes and frolicking around the pieces, and bright clean white lines and light throughout. Oh yes, and there are beautiful glass and metal pieces in just the right number."

I never did get the dvd to work before we left--I'll work on it this week and mail it. The drive back, accompanied by the audiobook of Stephen King's "The Gunslinger", was uneventful and Elaine and I were safely in Atlanta by 9:00 pm.

Tomorrow I'll post photos of the renovation--we took 15-minute-interval time lapse photos all day--and maybe a video of the final state. Today I need to concentrate on Organizing My Life and Work to meet the demands of our family's new separation state.


Bill said...

Disorganization will most likely be the standard.

Best wishes to Dave in his new job...

Anonymous said...


Go Roland!

Dee said...

tell dave good luck with settling into the new job. the gunslinger sounds like a good audio book! glad y'all made it home ok!