Friday, March 13, 2009

The Longest Week Ends

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, "Home" by Marc Broussard on iTunes. I sense a theme... It's Friday so the work week ends. Wow. No work in the studio scheduled for the weekend. Of course that doesn't mean I won't be working--I have mileage and other data for taxes to do, a slideshow to figure out, to update, and a mountain (literally) of paperwork to sort and file.

I am reminded of an incident with my advisor in graduate school. I kept waiting and waiting to get a paper back from her and finally I went to her office to inquire about it. It wasn't that she didn't pay attention to or read our work--just the opposite. She was so intense and meticulous in her evaluation of everything we turned in that it would take her forever to get through reviewing it. Her husband, as a way of dealing with the mountains of paper her style engendered, used to periodically go through their apartment and put everything in big green garbage bags for later sorting--all the papers on this chair in one, all the papers on that table in another. I don't think they ever got sorted, and I never did get that paper back (I got a decent grade though).

I truly have four years worth of personal and business papers stacked in drunken piles on the desk, file cabinet and floor of the home office and squatting on every available flat surface in the house and studio office. Even the cleaning people don't go near them for fear of being ingested by the paper monsters and disappearing forever. Four years of now-dusty papers. Blech.

On the plus side, technology is my friend today--whatever gremlins had the reins at Blogger yesterday are sleeping it off today and I was able to upload my time lapse slide show of the Hemisphere Design Gallery showroom set-up. You enjoy the banjo music, I'm off with a trusty stick (and maybe a box of matches) to attack the paper monsters. And if you see my spouse this weekend, give him a hug for me. I miss him.


Anonymous said...

You're making it look so easy girlfriend. I want you to do my booth next February.

Nice job!


Dee said...

the showroom looks great! now to get lots and lots of orders from it! ;)

be carefull of those paper monsters! they can be NASTY!

Bill said...

I have other friends in Austin this weekend as well. I wonder if they'll bump into each other?