Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SUNDAY!

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug (cause my sweetie is coming back to Atlanta TODAY!), "Going Home" by the BoDeans on iTunes. It's part of the all "home" playlist--which also includes Eddie Money "Take me Home Tonight/Be My Baby" with Ronnie Spector. There was no post yesterday. I didn't have time to make coffee yesterday. No coffee, no post. Simple, little, equation. On the other hand, I had three kilns (including both Bertha and Bettina) loaded and firing and two shipments labeled and out for UPS (I can't take credit for packing them--Becky did that the previous afternoon) all by 10:45. 10:45 AM. Really.

The rest of the morning/afternoon was spent on taxes and making a dent in sorting the boxes filled with five years worth of papers. Maybe the reason Dave and I moved so often in our first years together was so that I didn't have a chance to accumulate a truly staggering amount of (so my bookkeeper and accountant tell me) indispensable unsorted papers. I was forced to sort and purge regularly in order to move. I almost wish I were Jewish just so I'd have the ritual of the annual pre-Passover sort, clean and purge as an ingrained part of my life. Sure, it wouldn't be just chumetz that I'd be getting rid of but paper and all other "things" accumulated during the year and littering the house.


That was as far as I got on my post Friday before the whale of the day swallowed me whole, and it took till now to fight my way from its belly back to Blogger. Of course I stopped on a tropical island (metaphorically) for a little paradise with my newly home spouse and that delayed me too. And then there has been the weekend-long marathon replaying the old computer game Diablo II on my Mac. I clearly have an addictive personality and need to avoid computer action and adventure games if I wish to get anything else done.

So I post better late than never for Friday (a post which was already a catch-up post for Thursday), and I save my Big News to share tomorrow....


Dee said...

hehehehehehehe *I* know what your big news is and again CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

i know you've been enjoying having dave home ;)

stacyr520 said...

You suck! I want big news NOW!

Bill said...

You could always say that the paper had been smeared with bread, thereby becoming "chumetz".

Give David our best wishes; I'd like to know how his new job is going, but I expect that to show up in your other blog.