Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vacation Continues.

Cold coffee in the huge huckleberry mug, some western musical soundtrack of my Mom's in the background for music. I put off posting today waiting for a good video. But the videos I took are of Mom's bird Sam refusing to perform on command, and Dad's dog Jig playing catch and sitting for J--which translates into a bunch of jiggly wiggly camera motion all around my parents' small living room. I got seasick filming it so I can't imagine watching it. Video tomorrow.

Real work was also done today. I ordered the last pieces of the display for the BMAC, brought up my accounts receivable up to date, and contacted everyone who is past due. It was scary to realize that I have five figures out in receivables and half of them are past due (over Net 30).

Now I'm going to break and go out to the lake with the family for more lounging in the sun and floating chair. Back with a video 9and to work on the website) tomorrow.

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Bill said...

Wouldn't it be scarier to have nothing in Accounts Receivable?