Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Beat Goes On

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug (I want a Missoula mug!), "In Without Knocking" by the Mission Mountain Woodband on iTunes. I got everything done yesterday. The biggest task was the ad for Profitable Glass--which I finished at 9:00 pm. I like the result.

So far today I took the cat back to the vet for a glucose curve (she was diagnosed as diabetic but in otherwise good health by the vet yesterday--not bad for a 17 year-old cat), dropped the dogs a the groomer, left the child with Dan the carpenter to be handed off to Becky the wonder assistant at 9:00 am, and now I sit in my doctor's waiting room... waiting. By 10:30 this morning I will be in the studio and Doing Glass!

Yesterday's firing went well, and I checked in with both Jeff (for the new pieces I did for him for the BMAC) and Bill (for our BMAC shipping and display status check). Today I have another big firing, the last follow-ups on outstanding invoices, and Web Work. I am hopeful--confident even--that I'll have at least a rudimentary wholesale ordering system for my galleries ready by the BMAC. Now if I could just get a cd of hi-res images of all the work together...

The vacation is over, but I am well-rested and glad to be home. Leaving Montana it's always touch and go for me as to whether I'll be able to settle back in home right away. I pine. but this time I came home to a beautiful blooming garden with lots of new growth on all the plants I put in before I left. Just walking through the studio garden and checking out the plants lifts my spirits--and what a great place to put the glass "mistakes"!


Bill said...

You never make mistakes.

You merely pondered possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Mistakes? What are those? Chrissie tells me to give it to her and she will make something out of it. Guess I am spoiled.

Sylvanye "Sam" of TN said...

Love your designs pictured on the cover of your article/brochure????
especially the ones at the bottom. :)

Looking forward to receiving the artwork you will be creating for me in a couple of months. :)

Hope you received my email regarding my visit to your wonderful studio.

Sylvanye "Sam"

Dee said...

mistakes? no, just misfits ;) and the garden is a great place for them ;)