Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, the sound of the garbage truck receding down the street for music. I'm breathless. Who knew the garbage collectors worked on the 4th of July? That's practically anti-American! And it caught our whole street unaware--we were all running out and waving at them to come get our cans and then frantically dragging said cans to the curb. Whew!

Today is a work day in the studio too--at least the morning is. The afternoon will be at a 4th of July picnic with the other rising first graders (that's what they call the kids who are going into first grade in the fall. Who knew?) at one of the families' house. (Did that apostrophe go in the right place? Plural possessive is always so complicated.)

I need to get on a blog aggregator. The spouse just started a blog (Professor Schadenfreude's Cavalcade of Wonders and Software Development Blog) and within two days he was geting 138 hits a day because he's on a java blog aggregator. But there don't seem to be any blog aggregators (sites whose purpose is to list all the sources of information for a specific group--like java developers or artists--in one place to make it easier for interested people to find them) specifically for artists or craftspeople. Bummer.

Okay, off to fire. Enough putzing on the computer. Happy 4th again!


Dee said...

Happy 4th! Enjoy the picnic and i'm surprised to hear the garbage was being picked up - somebody musta forgot to tell them it was a holiday! ;P

Bill said...

Why didn't you guys tell me he blogged???

I'm ... miffed that I haven't been reading his stuff.

I wonder if there's any way to reflect his posts to LJ, the way I do yours?