Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Movie Day

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, J singing in the background for my music. It's Saturday movie day, and today's movie is from the fireworks last night. No, it has nothing to do with glass but everything to do with the mental health of the glass artist. The video isn't about great fireworks--they were okay, by no means great, it's about people cheering for them and celebrating being alive, being together with friends, having a day off, and enthusiastic optimism about life in spite of the economy, the upcoming election and the continuing war in the Middle East. For me it was one of those rare, perfect moments of building a community--one of the first ones I've had here in Atlanta.


Ok. I've reflected, I've basked, now it's time to get to work. I leave for Montana tomorrow and I have an order to prep for shipment Monday, lights and foam core to buy and carpet to order for the BMAC, and all my work to inventory for the show to see just how much I have to make when I get back from Big Sky Country.

It's not like I won't be working while I'm there (at least for the first week). My parents have dsl and I plan to buy a wireless router at Best Buy when I arrive so I can work on my website from anywhere in the house--even out on the deck looking over the lake. I am very excited about this busman's holiday--no contractors to supervise, no kilns to load or orders to ship, just web and catalog and printed materials for the BMAC to create. J will hang with the grandparents--they can entertain her. Dave will be out for the second week and I'll have vacation and relax (and read) then. I do plan to post--at least for the first week--and there'll be plenty of video both here and on Stranded in the South... really, Stacy.


Bill said...

Not bad...

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Dee said...

you actually found time to post just before leaving? sheeiit, i was packing orders until it was time to take a shower and head out the door to the airport that sunday with husband angrily looking at watch and then down the hall to the bedroom where i was getting ready ;P