Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "Racing to the Red Light", by James McMurtry on iTunes. Back in the saddle, and the studio, again. Full firing schedule through the weekend, then up to Greenville with all my work for the BMAC on Monday. I am flying to the show for the first time and Bill and Elaine from Elliott Metal are driving all of our work up in a rental truck and then flying back. I leave Thursday accompanied by Becky the Wonder Assistant. It will be good to have four of us to set up the booth.

Today: fire, finish a full page ad for the fall issue of Profitable Glass, take the cat to the vet, clean the pond filter, clean the pool, supervise the carpenter and electrician who are finishing out the basement, and breathe. J has the rest of the week off to get back on Eastern Time (she is still sleeping now and it's almost 10:00). Time to go throw cold water on her. Heh.

Hey! I just had a big black ant chewing on my toe! I didn't know they bit people. I was just sitting here blogging and minding my own business when I felt something poking at my toe. I thought I just ran my toe into a sticker or something but when I looked down there was a big black ant viciously and methodically attacking my toe! He didn't live long.

Okay, off to get the kiln load in and do some attacking (of the day) of my own. It's good to be home.

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Bill said...

Speaking of the cat, did you guys pick up the latest novel by Steven Brust?

The ant just wanted to welcome you home, and remind you of life there in Atlanta...