Saturday, July 12, 2008

Soaking Up Montana

Coffee in the very big huckleberry mug, the utter quiet of Montana for music--no, wait, the yappy terrier next door for music. When all else is so quiet, the terrier is like nails on a blackboard. Oh good grief--I've been around my father the curmudgeon too long!

Though I didn't post yesterday, I did work. Take a look at the Morceaux de Verre part of the Work section on Siyeh Studio. I will get a bunch more up there today, and then I'll tackle the behind-the-scenes, for-galleries-only catalog ordering system.

Of course since this IS my vacation I also spent some time in the lake, and I decided to reward myself for website virtue by posting the video of lake frolicking here. Ah that every day could end with a float on Flathead Lake (funny how the best site for Flathead on the web is not a .com, .net or .org, it's a .name domain). In the first part, I am floating alone, tethered to the dock by a long rope tied to my foot. I have my Kindle (the thrill of living dangerously with electronic equipment in the water) and a plastic cup of sauvignon blanc. Peace. But then I am joined in the boat...



Bill said...

Does the Kindle survive? Does Brenda get her hair wet? Can the boat tolerate sauvignon blanc, when it's clearly a merlot drinker? Come back tomorrow and find out!

Brenda Griffith said...

The Kindle survived--though I will double ziploc bag it the next time I go out. The Kindle safely left the boat (as did the sauvignon blanc) before the child and the dog entered. In later video the child and the dog both exit, the child re-enters and exits, and then the child tips the boat over--and I get my hair wet.

Dee said...

LOL electronics, floating vehicles and kids/dogs definitely should NOT be combined. :) i'm glad the kindle survived - you bringing it to phili? and j did what i delighted in doing to my mother albeit that was in an above ground pool but more frequently hehehehe and bill, i would say sauvignon blanc is more appropriate for floating on a lake in the middle of the day than merlot... ;)