Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday, Hump Day? Yep.

La Croix raspberry fizzy water in a can, the rain for music. The five cu yds of screened topsoil I had delivered this morning are mostly history, washed down the slope and down the street. All the red Georgia clay fill dirt the concrete man brought in is washing right along side it--the part that isn't flowing down my commercial neighbor down the hill's drain. Oh boy. Can my contractor say "erosion fence"? Evidently not.


Hours have now passed, it feels like days. The kiln loads made it in, the shipment went out, and many (many!) contractors were wrangled. Tomorrow is another day.

I have been asked to do an artist-in-the-gallery weekend at Pop Gallery in Disney World. Looking at my calendar I see, oh yes, spring break for Jessie is just three weeks away. Hmmm Disney World... Spring Break... Six-year-old... Oh yeah, Road Trip!

And now to bed, perchance to sleep, perchance to dream.


Bill said...

Will they set you up with a kiln? Or do you have to move your own?

Dee said...

KEWL!! need a child wrangler to take care of jessie while you are busy being artist in the gallery? ;)

Brenda Griffith said...

Oh this won't be a working time in the gallery--no kilns. Oh no. It'll be a drinking-champagne-schmoozing-about-my-art time in the gallery. And I have a spouse who'll be hanging with the J by the pool or going through the Small World (oh the mind boggles!) while I'm at the gallery.