Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, Bunny!

No coffee yet (crime!), Jessie chortling as she eats Easter Bunny loot and watches an e-card from Gramma Marcia as my music. The Easter Bunny was very tricky this year and hid eggs all over the house, partially enabled by being up anyway due to a 4:00 am anxiety attack... I had hoped those were over, but they appear to be a cyclical thing. My wonderful spouse wakes up and hangs in there with me--he patiently waited while I worked off anxiety filling all the plastic eggs with candy and hiding them and the real ones in every obscure nook and cranny I could find. He met his daily requirement of Easter Bunny duties by procuring the candy and dying the eggs with the J while I was blowing glass yesterday.

I had to post today as Janet Thompson sent me her photos from a paperweight class we took at Duckbill Studios yesterday. It's been seven years since I have done any hot glass work and it was great to get my hands molten again, so to speak. I'll get my piece back Tuesday or Wednesday after it's annealed (I made a huge egg-shaped paperweight). Tadashi is a natural teacher and it's very tempting to go back for more--but maybe on a cooler day in a cooler month. It went from winter to summer in the span of a day here.

The concrete at the studio is all done--complete with a little glass mosaic I did at the top of the drive and family handprints in the back ramp. I haven't been over to see if the path is completely done yet, but one section of the fence is down and the entirety of the used-to-be-two-is-now-one backyard is now dog-proof. I'll look when I put my kiln load in later this afternoon (no Easter rest for the wicked!).


Bill said...

Did you try to teach your teacher while you were at it?

Dee said...

looks like you were quite into it!!! ;)) and i'm glad the J was happy with her easter goodies ;) hope she didn't overload on sugar and chocolate to get sick or drive y'all nuts ;P

Dee said...

oh and today's weather would have been perfect wouldn't it? did you get snow flurries down at your house today?

Brenda Griffith said...

Oh I wouldn't dream of teaching this teacher--he is amazing. It was so good to take a class from someone who really has a background in the material. So many people teaching kilnforming (and other crafts I suppose) just took a class or two and then thought they could teach too. The sink class I took a couple of years ago was like that.