Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Home! (Studio!)

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "Punish thee Monkey" by Mark Knopfler on iTunes. My monkey feels punished alright, a red-eye flight will do that to you. Landed at 5:33 am this morning from CA, walked in our front door at 6:18. It was freaky. We got to the train at the terminal just as it came (to take us to baggage claim). We got to baggage just as our luggage all came around the conveyor at the same time. We drove up to pay for parking just as the slot in front of us emptied. We were one block from home--after hitting all green lights--when I said how freaky it was... and the last light turned red and it started to rain. Be careful whose favors you dis.

A small business owner/sole proprietor gets home to voicemail, snail mail and email. The last one is light as I had my laptop with me, but it took a little time to wade through the former two this morning. And it's March. Yea March! Bettina should be coming home (the new big kiln) in a couple of weeks. Need to check in on her progress today--along with so much more. You'd think after all night in a plane I'd have planned to sleep today, but no. Have to fire, must fuse, cannot avoid firing today. Must ship tomorrow. Must go get boxes tomorrow. Must, must, must!

Delirious though I am from fatigue, dreary grey though it is outside, wonderful as California and seeing friends were, it's good to be home.


Anonymous said...

Home Sweet Home

Lately I have dreamed of getting home from my surveys. Now that I am home, I am getting antsy to get back on the road. Can't seem to make up my mind.

Remember, Home is where the heart is. Home is where you are. But its still great to get to home to the family.


Bill said...

In bed the night we returned, our bed top was the scene of kitty combat repeatedly, as the dogs weren't sprung until the next day.

Dee said...

vacation is great but getting home to our own bed and 4 legged friends are great, tho' i must say i don't miss the 15 lb furball that traps my legs or arm when i'm on travel.