Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Middle of a Full Week

Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug, "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers on iTunes. The firing schedule is done through April 1 and, lo and behold, I don't have anything scheduled for next week! Zip, zilch, nada. Oh what I can do with a week of no firings! Of course I could do the following week's firings in advance, get them done and packed and hold to ship them. But that just feels wrong. Much better to seize the time and finish painting and setting up the studio. I've been in for there for several months now and it's time to have it done. I probably will do some firing--pieces for the studio gallery which I will get set-up for the photo shoot for my studio profile--but I can see dedicating the whole week to paint and finished storage.

Tomorrow is my big run to Home Depot to order the coldroom countertop, a shed, and landscape yada yah. Oh yes, one other thing I'll get there will be the supplies the carpenter needs in order to shore up one of the beams in the floor. Yesterday, as I was arranging the new frit and loading the glass cases in the coldroom from my Bullseye shipment, I had the occasion to see the base of the wall between the coldroom and the workroom. On one side of the wall are three full cases of glass, on the other, a steel rack with about 800 lbs of frit. The wall used to meet the floor. Now there's a one inch gap between the floor and the bottom of the wall. Oh dear, sag, sag. The carpenter had looked the floor over before I moved in and told me it was all shored up to support the weight, but I think he was thinking more the weight of the kilns in the kiln room and not the glass and frit. Now I just hope he can fix it before the beam cracks and the floor falls in...

It's Wednesday, another shipping day, two orders to go out and a fuse load for Bertha to get in. The spouse is off to Austin for the SXSW Music festival. He (likely) gets to see REM at Stubbs Barbecue tomorrow night. I'll be Sprout tending. There will be payback. (Though I will probably get to see the performance too as they're filming it for Austin City Limits).


Bill said...

You broke the floor!!!

Dee said...

it's not broke, just bent a tad ;) hopefully it gets fixed before it breaks hehehehehe

i think your delightfull spouse owes you a fair bit of sprout tending considering the phili show plus this austin trip hehehehehe

Brenda Griffith said...

Yeah, it bounces every time I walk across it. Whoo boy.