Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Glass Is Coming! The Glass Is Coming!

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, "Edith Wharton's Figurine" by Suzanne Vega on iTunes. This time change thing is hitting me hard. I am DRAGGING again this morning--and my glass delivery is due today. Thank heavens I have help coming--both Dee and Stacy will be here today.

Had an interesting call on Friday that I am still mulling over. I did a trade with another artist couple at the BMAC in February. They ordered a Cosmos in Love (Cosmos in the Love stand--Green Lantern in Love shown for reference to the right). I made it and shipped it out, and the couple that got it loved it. But they called on Friday to let me know I had sent the wrong piece. They ordered a wall piece--not a table-top piece. Well, I don't have a wall piece like this and I couldn't figure out where the disconnect was, then it hit me--we displayed these pieces on the front vertical pillars of the booth on little shelf brackets that Bill had made to hold them.

Now I have to wonder how many other people either didn't order them because they thought they were wall pieces or ordered them thinking they were going to get wall pieces. And, hey, maybe we need to start selling the brackets so they can be wall pieces! The bracket is a cool little invention of Bill's where the base plate on the stand slips into a slot on the shelf so it won't fall off. You end up with a very little footprint for the shelf and it looks like the piece is floating on the wall. It was made for the show environment, but why not market them for customer use?

Got my four orders out yesterday. Got the firing schedule re-jiggered so I could keep firing full loads and not need any turquoise #2 until the glass comes in. Today more firing, unloading glass--and planning the studio front and back yards! Home Depot, bless their big boxy hearts, is having a 12 months (no payments?) no interest event from 3/13 to 3/19. Can you say a countertop for the coldworking room, a shed, mulch, topsoil, landscape timbers, and pavestone for outside? Everything I need to furnish the outside of the studio (and the last big purchase for the inside) on a deferred payment plan. Oh I'm all about that. Now if I could just get the rest of the inside finished. I need one more week of painting, a little more storage and layout organization and a trip to Target for wastebaskets, toilet paper holders, towelbars, etc. It's not totally out of reach... but then there are the other seven case of glass to move over. Ugh. Maybe I'll just keep firing.


Bill said...

Shopping trip?

No, couldn't be...

Dee said...

hey bill, what girl doesn't find some reason for a shopping trip? ;))

Bill said...


My dog!