Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning Does NOT Look Fine

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Last To Die" by Bruce Springsteen on iTunes. Ugh. I hate daylight savings time, and it's just too damn early to be springing ahead. Good thing the spouse always wakes early or the Sprout and I would have slept right through the start of school. Big news of the day is that I got Google Maps integrated on my website over the weekend! I have a couple of things to work out so that the gallery weblinks and phone numbers show up and the info box comes up when the pointer moves over it, but I got the basic map up all by myself. Whoo hoo!

Today is Monday so there are orders to pack and ship and kiln loads to do. I also got the metal for a new piece from Elliott Metal Works over the weekend and I'm looking forward to making the glass. It's a very alien, retro-80's Terminator piece. You'll see when I put up photos.

Okay, almost awake (grumble, grumble, grumble, mutiny, mutiny, mutiny). Time to call Roadway and find out when they are going to deliver my glass (won't be before tomorrow). I am out of turquoise #2 frit and almost all the pieces I have scheduled for today require it. Going to have to move things around on the schedule and fire everything that doesn't have turquoise in it today so I don't get behind (again).


Bill said...

Good morning to you, too.

Dee said...

LOL arno was grumbling at me for staying up late since the cat got antsy that i hadn't come to bed yet and woke him up! it does seem awfully early to be going to daylight savings time...