Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "Australia" by The Shins on iTunes. Painting! The theme of the day is Painting! Yesterday the theme was Collaboration and the pic at right is of Bill and me discussing two new pieces that we'll debut at ACRE ("Float" on the left and "Locked" on the right). I missed Elaine yesterday. Bill had to come down without her but he came with her new set of drawings (koi and poppies, poppies, poppies!). Wow they are great! I can't wait to see them in metal. We are going to have eight new big pieces for ACRE. But painting, I said...

Dee and Stacy are both here today and the first goal of the morning is to paint the gallery in the studio before everything goes you-know-where in a handbasket and it doesn't get done... again. I will need to take a break at some point in the day and go pick up my glass piece from the class I took over the weekend at Duckbill Studios. While Bill was here yesterday he hung the metal frames for the original big Moonrise pieces and today I'll get the glass in them so Stacy can photograph them tomorrow, er, soon. Tomorrow Dee will be here again and we'll hang and place all the new work in the gallery to photograph.

Besides looking over Elaine's gorgeous drawings, yesterday Bill and I also put together our making and shipping schedules for ACRE at the end of April. Oh boy. I still hope I get this weekend off, but I might have to squeeze in a firing. I know I have to go to Greenville next week to deliver all the glass so they can ship everything to Vegas. And I absolutely, positively MUST figure out my display and get the components ordered (and hope I have enough time to get them there...). There was flat ocean for awhile after the BMAC, but now the show-surf is building again and if I don't get crouched on my board and ready I'll be rolled coughing and spitting, face first, into the sand at the water line.


Bill said...

That, dear, is a painful mental image.

Dee said...

and we don't want to see you laying face first in the sand coughing and spitting ;P

can't wait to see the new designs in metal instead of drawings complete with luscious glass ;) i know they will be a hit at acre ;)