Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Concrete 'R' Us

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug (I am firmly grounded in the HERE today), two phones open and live right now (both business) with different conversations in lieu of music. Siyeh Studio is hopping this morning. The mulch is here, the landscape timbers are here, the soil has been postponed till tomorrow as the concrete is still not all poured--80% of the driveway, the ramp to the deck and the pad for the shed are still waiting. The electrician was here and put down his conduit for the electricity for the shed and the landscapers will bury it for him. Last I looked the concrete crew was assembling, but still no sign of a dump truck to haul away the remains of the oak tree stump or the old concrete, nor any evidence of the arrival of the cement mixer to pour. In time. It will all happen in time.

Today I am going to do a room by room assessment of the work and supplies still needed in the studio. Dan the carpenter is coming either tomorrow or Sunday to shore up the workroom floor and the wall between the workroom and the coldroom. Good thing too as the spaniel running across the floor (23 lbs) makes the whole thing shake. Ah I hear the sound of the cement mixer. Time to go put down the little glass mosaic in the driveway. Till tomorrow!


Bill said...


The studio is set in cement!

Dee said...

hmmm it's 9:45 pm WED evening and no wed post? makes one wonder what gremlins arrived to hose progress after tues's post....