Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Coffee in the new York skyline mug (I have a New York minute to write this post), "Racing to the Red Light" by James McMurtry on iTunes. Bill from Elliott Metal Works in Greenville SC will be here sometime in the next 40 minutes for a day of intensive collaboration and photography. I am pushing the limit on extensions to my deadline for photos for the Profitable Glass articles. If I don't get them in by Sunday, the studio profile will get bumped till the fall issue.

Anxiety and depression are needlessly intruding on my life and managing them through diet, sleep and exercise--while ultimately better than prescription drugs and hormones--takes time to be effective. I am getting my orders done on schedule (some of my best work, actually--maybe there is something to the connection between great art and mental instability!) but I am struggling to be happy and enjoy it (or much of anything). Life is *really* good right now, and it's annoying that my emotions aren't in sync with that reality. Leave it all up in the air... Got to stop listening to Karla Bonoff and Sarah McLachlan (both random choices from the set of my entire library, and both played sequentially just now on iTunes).

Deep breath, move on and out. And to move me along (also completely randomly) J. Geils Band "Just Can't Wait" came on. It's a sign. Let's all have a great day.

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Bill said...

J. Geils???

I ushered for them at Pauley Pavilion when I was at UCLA; there were guys hawking drugs in the stands...

My, my.