Saturday, December 29, 2007

Topsy Turvy Week

Coffee in the Washington DC mug, a clock ticking and the refrigerator humming are my background music this morning. Is eggnog good in coffee? I'm afraid to try it to find out. I am the parent of a six year-old teenager. Yesterday she deigned to rise at 10:00, who knows when she'll grace me with her presence this morning (afternoon?). So it's Saturday and I am posting, what can I say? It's been a topsy-turvy week. Dave is already at work, and I will spend at least a couple of hours in the studio today. And where have I been the rest of the week? I took Thursday and Friday OFF. Oh, I still fired three loads in two days, but the big loads were just slumps of the long rectangular platters and I only spent about 45 minutes a day in the studio to do them. I took a much-needed well-deserved rest and READ A BOOK. Today I finish the last of the cutting and I fire a fuse load, crack that whip.

I think I'll also put the shipping room (which holds all the finished work) back together. It's still upside down from my trip to Chicago. The rest of the glass work I have looming will be done on the computer. Website, finances, logistics for upcoming shows (hotels, shipping choices, storage options, etc.), class offerings for the coming year, the suppliers list and actual supplies list for the book, and a column on start-up costs and considerations for Profitable Glass are all due in the short to mid time frame. If I'm really good, next week I'll finish painting the studio.

The J has awoken and nestles next to me on the arm of my comfy chair, jostling my elbow (and lecturing me about the size of germs--"They're not invisible, they're just so small you can't see them"--after having sneezed on my gingerbread). She squiggles so much it's hard to write or concentrate, it's time to get on with the day. Later I'll try to write a review of last year and a plan for next. Some call it resolutions. I call it a call to battle and a girding of the loins.


Bill said...

Gird away.

Did you make her eat her sneezed upon gingerbread?

Dee said...

Sheesh, the least she could do is get you a fresh piece of gingerbread that ISN'T sneezed upon! ;) it's good to take time off also!